Spring 2020 PORTFOLIO


Apply.fyi is a data-driven internship and early career search platform that helps our users find the perfect position while providing universities insight on their students’ job hunt and businesses access to top talent. We provide all of our clients with insightful data so they can make informed decisions, whether that be applying to the right internship, improving career services, or reaching out to the right candidate for the job.


bruxAway is developing a smart wearable night guard that is poised to disrupt the over $9B market of bruxism (unconscious teeth grinding) disorder. 1 in 3 people suffer from bruxism disorder, but sadly less than 10% are diagnosed or ever receive treatment. bruxAway’s smart wearable night guard is a custom solution medical-grade night guard designed to protect your teeth and treat bruxism. It connects to your smartphone and provides analysis of your nightly bruxism behavior, and sleeping patterns through an intuitively built app.


There are 23 million college students in the US. Of those, 16 million will have significant student loan debt leaving college. Colanse is a schedule based hiring platform that allows students to connect with potential employers. Our mission is to give motivated college students the opportunity to capitalize on the skills they learn during their college experience, while also being able to work around their academic commitments through our schedule matching feature.


Phly is a group management and banking platform built for clubs and organizations. By bundling management tools and banking services together, Phly offers users a high-quality platform that saves them time at a fraction of the cost of other purely subscription-based options.


Dive is an iOS and Android app which exists to help manage social groups and foster meaningful real world events. Dive is a channel based messenger similar to Slack or Discord with a focus on events— allowing users to create, share, and discover events natively and seamlessly within the app. Imagine Slack and Meetup combined.


gathr is an NLP-powered social events app designed to help people organize their social life, whether that be their close friends or their communities. gathr helps save time and better orchestrate the details required to successfully manage a social event.

Lease Easy

Lease Easy helps off-campus student housing properties increase occupancy with shorter-term leases. Lease Easy fills the void between student housing properties that traditionally offer only annual leases, and the subsect of students who require short term, flexible lodging. Our long-term vision is to expand beyond just short-term housing into a site that also displays limited time ‘deals’ and ‘discounts’ for properties, to incentivize greater signings. Think HotelTonight but for Student Housing.


Sent is a mobile platform that connects students going home with students wanting packages from home. Students receiving packages save by paying less than traditional shipping options, and students carrying packages earn by monetizing the empty space in their travel bags. It’s an app for students, by students.


Picko is the first smart food delivery solution for college and corporate campuses. We use a network of lockers around campuses to increase the efficiency of the delivery process in two main ways. First, drivers deliver items to these easily accessible lockers and leave without looking for parking spots or waiting for customers to arrive. Second, lockers help us increase the batch size significantly and make every delivery trip profitable.


Today, there exists an incredible amount of community created maps for outdoor enthusiasts like bikers, fishers, and hikers. Pinnit is the common platform that makes it easier for these hobbyists to create and find maps specific to their interests. Today’s map creation tools are not well suited for moderating large numbers of user submissions. Most maps are created by a single person accepting submissions via email requests. Our app automates this process, saving time for map creators and making it easier for community members to make new submissions.


Pocket Punch

We are team Pocket Punch and we noticed growing safety concerns on our college campus, so we decided to do something about it. Pocket Punch is a multifunctional self-defense device that includes pepper spray, knuckles, a flashlight, and an alarm. We are an all female student startup at the University of Texas. Our mission is to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary tools to protect themselves in any given situation.

My Mentor Network

My Mentor Network is an educational tool connecting high school students to career professionals. We aim to streamline the career guidance process for high school counselors, while allowing students the chance to engage interactively with professionals from careers they select. Many high school students do not have access to alumni or mentor networks and My Mentor Network will bridge the gap for these students.