Longhorn Startup Lab Class of 2016

1. Athena Voice: A voice assistant cross-platform solution that is 100% free
athena-voice.github.io and open-source.

2. BeepBeep Advertising: A service that connects advertisers with drivers who are paid to carry car wrap advertisements on their car. Drivers are paid for the driving that they already do, and companies enjoy a cost-effect
http://beepbeepadvertising.com/ ive and unique advertising method.

3. Cal-Me: A platform that enables you to take a picture have all the information about an event or assignment sent to your calendar.

4. Coil: Coil is a communication application that allows users to collaborate within private groups. It brings the daily activities involved with being a student into the student’s hand, and allows professors to be able to immediately communicate with their entire class.

5. ConcertCam: A solution that dubs professionally recorded audio over mobile device footage taken at concerts.

6. DelegateIt: A web service that allows you to delegate any task or delivery through a simple texting conversation.

7. Ebik: Rental/subscription electric bike service. Like Car2Go, just with electric bikes.

8. Entrée: Restaurant Point of Sale system made smarter. It gives customers order/pay functionality, dynamic deal offerings, and a loyalty program on their own smartphones.

9. Hylio: Product is a hexacopter drone optimized for delivery. With proprietary flight control software and smartphone app, the user can use a drone to deliver a package (max 8 lbs) up to 10 miles away.

10. Infusey: Product is a shower infuser that allows you to customize your shower with replaceable capsules that contain herb extracts and essential oils.

11. KickIt: A mobile app that lets you see who’s free at the moment while giving you the tool to organize a hangout with your friends on the spot instantly.

12. Press Technologies: Uber for dry cleaning. Press Delivery makes dry cleaning fast, easy, and on demand.

13. Riven: A solution to provide hard-working, homeless individuals an opportunity to work for their money with tasks provided by local businesses.

14. Sanare Solutions: A GUI-based platform that translates a visual graph (gannt charts) into textual information for scheduling purposes. The product targets readability of information to increase productivity, cut costs, and provide accurate information.

15. Texas Guadaloop: Hyperloop is a new form of transportation that takes passengers (or goods) through major cities via a partial vacuum tube system at the speed of sound. Texas Guadaloop is a team of students at the University of Texas have been selected by SpaceX to design and build a working half-scale model of the Hyperloop transportation pod.