AgreeOn Finance, Mobile

Keeping track of IOUs is a huge pain and a hassle. If not done systematically it takes very long to figure out, especially if these IOUs are not paid off immediately. We came up with the concept of tracking these personal accounts and loans on a smartphone, backed up in the cloud to ensure that everyone’s information was in sync. AgreeOn is like your loans bank manager but for you and your friends.

BeDJ Social Jukebox

Making music more social by giving patrons the ability to influence the music playing wherever they’re currently working or socializing. Target venues include coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Stick.it / Breadcrumbs Business Networking

Have you ever missed swapping contacts with someone interesting, whether it be anxiety or a time constraint or maybe the sheer frustration of swapping multiple contacts simultaneously? With Breadcrumbs, you will never miss another connection. Breadcrumbs catalogs people you have met and organizes them in a timeline-our trail of Crumbs. You can easily browse your Crumbs, share or request contact information that Breadcrumbs stores on social cards. No more wallets full of business cards. No more awkward phone number requests. No more hassle. Breadcrumbs simplifies the way you share contacts.

Stache Studios Gaming

Our goal is to build a game that reflects the effort we’ve put into it, that focuses purely on the feeling of playing a game. We believe enjoying the aspects of playing the game is what our target audience is seeking. Leaving out the excess fat associated with aggressive DRM, intrusive social notifications, and watered-down gameplay potential is our plan to reach out to that audience, plus it’s a lot of overhead we won’t have to worry about implementing. Overall, we feel that producing a game we’re proud of, and that our friends enjoy playing means we’re on the right track.

Photowhoa Daily Deals, Photography

In this down economy, photographers tend to have little money to purchase the equipment and software they must have for their businesses to run smoothly. PhotoWhoa aims to solve that problem by providing daily deals for photographers. Through the power of volume sales and group buys, PhotoWhoa is able to sell photography products at 50-90% off retail prices.

PowerSmart Labs Server Management, Energy Management

Currently in data centers, space is not the limiting factor. Availability of power and cooling capacity is the biggest issue. Also their electricity bills are huge. Our solution is 2 fold, provide software that works on preexisting server hardware to optimize energy usage and provide an optimized hardware and software solution that does the same job as current servers while consuming significantly less power.

Predictable Data Database Management, Marketing

Predictable Data is like autocorrect and autocomplete for your entire database. We help database users fix incorrect data and find missing information, only charging them for what we fix or find.

ReQwip Sports, Marketplace

ReQwip is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace for buying, selling, renting and donating used, high-quality sports gear. Our mission is to reduce waste and encourage participation in sports and recreation regardless of household income.

Solspot Systems Alternative Energy, Automotive

Solspot’s Systems is a cost-effective technology to liberate electric vehicles from the grid through solar-powered charging stations. Designed for easy installation and transportation, the patent-pending station is a covered canopy model with ample solar panels.

NowOnCampus Higher Education, Location

NowOnCampus is a student-driven event sharing website. Students can find, post, discuss, and share events happening around their College campuses. Anything from pickup soccer games, to fundraisers, to frat parties, are welcome on the site. NowOnCampus is for college kids, run by college kids, and completely open to any university.