Gray Matter


Gray Matter Technologies is developing the G-FORCE, an impact sensing sports mouthguard that helps trainers, coaches, and parents highlight athletes that could be at risk of concussion. The acceleration data collected can trigger a cognitive test, which can be taken immediately on a paired mobile device, or later on the company’s website. The results of these tests are graphed alongside related acceleration data and then backed up to the cloud.



Tastebud is an app that aggregates local restaurant deals and displays restaurants in your vicinity and the specials they currently have. This app saves consumers time and money by quickly displaying the best priced restaurant deals and allowing them to make their purchase directly from the app.

Lyte Labs


Imagine stabbing yourself in the hand with a sharp needle until you bleed. This is what millions of diabetics endure every time they check their blood glucose level. Light Labs eliminates this archaic process with their innovative smart ring. This wearable technology can monitor blood glucose levels non-invasively and makes the lives of diabetics much easier.



Major events like the Super Bowl have no trouble finding advertising sponsors. However, finding a sponsor for a small or midsize event is much more difficult. Smaller events must either hire an expensive sponsorship company, or spend hours cold calling prospective sponsors. Hapback solves this problem. Hapback is an online marketplace that brings organizers of small and midsize events together with advertisers that are looking inexpensive ways to promote their business.



Have you ever accidentally missed a payment and received a late fee? OnePayApp eliminates this problem by creating one comprehensive monthly bill for all of your expenses. Users log in to OnePayApp and make one monthly payment at and all of their bills are paid.

Choreo Final logo


Technology has transformed countless industries; unfortunately, this trend has not yet entered the dance industry. Currently it is expensive and time consuming for choreographers to create and promote dance productions. Similarly, dancers have a difficult time finding their next gig. Choreo is the first centralized hub that provides dancers with all the tools they need — so they can spend more time doing what they love.

Noki black


Noki makes a wearable device that reads your finger movements and hand gestures, allowing you to type anywhere. Noki’s software backend is smart and adaptive, and it makes no assumptions about how you type. You don’t have to be a perfect typist to use it, or even a particularly good one.



Study Huddle uses data and analytics to track when, where, and what users are studying. Users can find other people nearby that are studying the same material and join them for a study huddle. Start meeting people for educational purposes.

PNG GreekLink Logo


GreekLink is a mobile app that enhances the fraternity and sorority social life experience. GreekLink is a space where students participating in Greek life can connect with one another through access to shared Greek life calendars. The GreekLink platform helps Greek organizations at all schools gain more social support as well as help them communicate more effectively.



Game Day at the University of Texas can be total chaos. Your friends are never where they said they would be, there are tailgates on every corner, and they always run out of free food as soon as you arrive. GamePlan is a mobile app that makes finding the best tailgates and staying connected with your friends on game day easier. With GamePlan you spend less time planning and more time having fun.



If you check your cell battery right now chances are you have less than 50% charge remaining. With Everywhere Energy you never have to worry about your phone dying again. Everywhere manufactures a shoe insert that charges your cell phone battery from the energy you generate walking. Be your own battery.



If you have ever tried to get t-shirts made for your on campus organization then you know the hardest part is getting someone to design it. Texas Custom Apparel eliminates this hassle by integrating graphic design students into the t-shirt buying process. Organizations can orders shirts from Texas Custom Apparel and have them designed by talented students.