Aurality Studios

Interface software for multiple new platforms like the Oculus Rift (immersive 3D) for people who, due to injury or illness, have limited use of their limbs and/or difficulties with fine motor control of their fingers and want to interact with everyday technologies.


An app that gives convention attendees a real-time map of others at the event, based on user search settings and preferences. This pertinent information, combined with backend analytics for the event hosts, fosters meaningful networking.

Austin Thermal

A medical device company building an intravenous fluid warming device for hypothermia recovery and prevention across the continuum of care; partnered with the Texas Medical Accelerator.


A last-minute event discovery app bringing customers and venues together; offers a daily list of curated, sought-after events.


Mobile app that reduces idle wait-time for business customers. Instead of standing in line, users can check current traffic flow and reserve their spot in a virtual line provided by upNext.


Project management software that automatically populates workflows from normal email conversations among employees, enabling all easily to see and track their progress toward specific objectives.


Access-anywhere on-site storage solution for a firm’s vital data.


Microgels for cell cultures in bioengineering research.


Kiosk-style 3D printing service for the average consumer.  Key differentiators are the user interface and optimized print speed.

Suit of Clubs

A comprehensive management platform for student organizations that also facilitates corporate recruiting events.


Mobile app and data analytics platform that provides restaurants with accurate, real-time, dish-specific customer satisfaction data based on shared menu experiences.


Hospitality startup arbitraging long-term apartment leases by hosting short stays at higher rates for corporate and vacation guests sourced from AirBnB and similar services.

Everywhere Energy

Off-the-grid energy generation via the Sole Charger, a shoe insert that harvests the kinetic energy of walking and converts it to usable electric energy.


An app to help find your Facebook friends at local bars.  Search bars and friends, and even find bar tabs open for you and your group.