Test Beehive is a management system which allows university student organizations to better budget, communicate and archive. It will be launching this January and host all the organizations for the College of Liberal Arts.


Book512 is Austin’s premier site to book an DJ for your next party, wedding, or special event. We search through our network over one hundred local Austin DJs to find the best fit for your style, setup, and pricing needs. We provide previous feedback and reviews on our DJs, and allow you to sample videos and audio clips of our performers before you decide to book.


Caysun is an online market for listing of shoreline rental properties. We recognize two customers in this: providing vacationers a transparent way to find the perfect place at the price, date, and accommodations they want; at the same time, providing homeowners with the tools to manage inventory, client communication, and booking history.


CrowdRx helps doctors determine the correct intervention to produce the best outcomes. It achieves this by providing doctors with an application that leverages large data sets to provide them with highly related positive outcomes for their patient. Simply put we are crowdsourcing health knowledge to create game changing technology.


HTML5 is the future of gaming – it allows for games to be programmed in a single language and work across all modern platforms. Unfortunately for consumers, the market is very fragmented, making it difficult to find and play games that work on any device. Clay.io fixes this discovery problem as a central location for HTML5 games.


Hoot.me switches Facebook into study mode. Use Hoot.me to connect with classmates, teachers, and tutors to get questions answered.

Lynx Labs

3D models are highly desirable and are rapidly gaining popularity for use in various applications, such as digital media and architecture. However, generating 3D content is expensive and slow, requiring either hand-modeling or the use of expensive LIDAR scanners. By combining the use of low cost optics, embedded high performance processors, and environment aware software, we have developed a handheld 3D modeling device that produces accurate and complete 3D models of the environment in real time.

Predictable Data

Predictable Data autocorrects and autocompletes poor formatted and missing information in databases. We help small to medium businesses nurture their marketing campaigns by correcting inaccurate information, finding missing or new data and providing market analysis. People aren’t predictable, but your data can be.


Servuss provides an online suite of tools designed to assist students in managing their academic lives. The three areas of a student’s life we will focus on are scheduling, note-taking, and grade management.


I seek to take the guesswork out of finding food at night. My team is creating a mobile app that, when launched, locates the user and presents them with a map, with all of the food that’s still open nearby.

Team Pi

Trading algorithms are difficult to write and test. It is not unusual for the interface between an algorithm and a broker’s API to take more than 10,000 lines of code. Then you have to create a way to test the algorithm. After all this is done for your present algorithm, you have to re-develop it for each generation of a new algorithm. This takes much time and effort. We take all that work out. Our approach is much simpler. We create a low-latency messaging environment that allows algorithms and filters to communicate with each other. It has a testing-suite and provides an easy way to monitor and compare algorithm performance and filter valuations.