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Magis Isotopes

Magnetic separation of GD-157 Isotopes

One Plus One Social gaming for mobile applications

Our goal is to use mobile platforms, such as the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, and create social games for their stores. The games we want to make will be easy to understand, but fun enough to keep people coming back to play them. The demand for social gaming is a growing market that has yet to be fully taken advantage of. We would like to take advantage of this demand, but also go a step further by adding a larger element to our games that give them a higher competing factor. We want to integrate newer technologies that have provided to mobile devices in order to enhance our mobile gaming in social applications.

DaBL One size fits all

DaBL is an exciting new technology startup dedicated to eliminating the redundancy of today’s computing devices. In a world where computing capabilities vary minimally between peripherals but plurality is the name of the game, the DaBL team is pioneering innovative solutions for consolidation. Our technology fuses futuristic adaptability and unparalleled practicality, turning a device once thought impossible by current industry giants into an attainable reality for the majority of modern world. DaBL firmly believes that conventional thinking cannot drive the tech sector forever, and as a result, our cutting-edge product is designed to be an intuitive, accessible transition to the space-aged future of everyday computing.

Mowgoo Inc. Let’s Make it Happen

Mowgoo is a geosocial platform focused on event discovery and event scheduling, seeking to revolutionize how people come together. Available as an iOS app, it is the ultimate social calendarbook – where productivity, social, and mobile all intertwine. The goal is to assist users in more efficient event planning, as well as bring a more productive focus to the social realm. Mowgoo – the easy way to make plans and discover events.

DebateTab Advancing academic competition

DebateTab builds software to improve the speech and debate community. Coaches, competitors, and parents all benefit from efficient tournaments enabled by the latest web technology. Our product-oriented team works collaboratively with speech and debate leaders to develop user-friendly software on multiple platforms. We make academic competition better for everyone.

Planda Pandora for events

Having to switch between Blackboard, email, Facebok, GroupMe and a dozen applications just to know what’s happening on campus is exhausting. The solution to this problem is Planda. Planda is a smartphone and web-based application that assists users in finding events applicable to their academic interests.

PurpleSight Your Political Spectrum

PurpleSight is a startup focused on building technology that will make consuming, aggregating, and analyzing political news more efficient. Our vision is to modernize the way political campaigns operate by creating innovative, turn-key solutions.

Predictable Data Users aren’t predictable, but your data can be.

Predictable Data corrects, standardizes, and appends missing database information for marketers, charging them only for the information they fix or find.

Zilker Motors, Inc. Changing the way the world moves.

Automotive manufacturer of high efficiency high performance sports cars. In addition to achieving 80 – 100 mpg, the cars feature passionate styling, motorsports spec handling and safety, and sporty acceleration. Our cars are hot enough for your date, safe enough for your baby, and love the planet.

Relont Relont helps you improve your style

Relont is creating a virtual closet that allows you to mix and match different outfits from different stores to get the looks that you prefer. Then you can share them with others as part of your profile and get realtime feedback from the community on how great it looks! The best part about this whole experience is that you can actually click on the links of these products and buy those shoes everyone has been voting as a new trend. You can follow profiles and their fashion styles or even create a fashion movement of your own. You can choose to see only the companies you want to shop at and streamline your experience. We understand that image is part of the first impression that you give to another person, so why not allow us to help you look your finest all the time.

RepTracker A fitness tracking revolution

Have you ever felt intimated by going the gym? Not finding enough motivation to come back week after week? Most trips to the gym usually result in haphazard, unplanned workout regimens that don’t benefit your body to its fullest potential. Hiring a trainer to help you plan your workout is costly, and it becomes difficult to track your progress over time. But what if there was something that could track your entire workout regiment, display your completed reps and weights, provide recommended workouts to compliment already exerted muscles and provide a social, competitive landscape among your friends? Introducing the RepTracker, a revolutionary gym fitness tracking device.

Solspot Systems Solar off-grid charging for your electric vehicle anywhere, anytime.

Solspot Systems Inc. is a startup company founded at the University of Texas at Austin dedicated to producing electric vehicle charging stations powered by renewable energy sources. The management team is comprised of accomplished engineers with extensive experience in solar and automotive technology. We are currently housed and consulted by Austin Technology Incubators and our technical team is mentored by industry leaders in the fields of solarphotovoltaics, battery technology, and power systems. Designed for easy installation and transportation, the patent-pending charging station is a covered canopy model with ample solar panels and optional small wind turbines. Internal battery storage is provided to store the solar energy, making it possible to charge the vehicle anytime of day. The station can also act as a backup generator capable of transferring power to structures and appliances in an emergency. During peak power demand, Solspot has the ability to draw power directly from the gird when necessary.

Second Snake Health IT

The problems facing the United States’ healthcare system are urgent; healthcare spending now accounts for 17% of the US’s GDP. Many possible solutions to this problem have been proposed. The most popular reforms involve centralizing a patient’s care in one location. One such reform is the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), in which a group of doctors across many specialties join together to take responsibility for a patient’s care. We are developing tools to ensure that patients in PCMHs receive coordinated care. Our tools can help PCMHs coordinate all aspects of care, such as scheduling follow-up visits with patients, ensuring the completion of lab tests, and delivering patients any needed specialist care. Seamless coordination will allow doctors to focus on providing great care without worrying that their patients will become lost in the healthcare system.

RPM Creating a better way to access locations

Currently, we have to carry multiple membership cards and key fobs to access different locations. Our team is creating mobile apps that stores the membership number in QR Code form and includes more information about the business. Our plan is to pilot this idea at a local gym, where the customers can scan in the QR Code ID in the mobile app. The customers would also have more information about hours of operation, schedule of training classes, and the promotions offered by the gym. In the future, we can implement this idea with other businesses, schools, and even rewards programs.

UThinkTank Connect. Create. Organize. Execute.

Just in America, there are 14 million university students. If even 1% of the 14 million went on to develop their own businesses with a revenue of 1 million per year, then the overall GDP growth would be a 140 billion dollars over the course of building those businesses. Unfortunately, starting a business is hard. uThinkTank is making it easier for student entrepreneurs to start a company by connecting them to cofounders, free professional guidance, and all the resources possibly needed to go from idea to company. Simply connect, create, organize, and execute. Currently, we are building the online hub for the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas. Look forward a new, easier platform to go from idea to company.

Stache Studios Make Games, Like Gentlemen

Our company rests on the basis that our products will meet our high standards of quality before we release them. To realize this goal, our owners are committed to reaching the extra mile, and working until the job is done rather than when it’s time to quit. In order to maximize profit, we seek spend as little as possible during production. We use free software, and as a small team work on our own time to produce a game we’re proud to have made.

Visual Kite We bring the power of social media to the brick and mortar.

Brick and mortars aren’t taking advantage of social media. So we bring the power of social media to them, physically. We build dashboards—a TV and a computer—that display things like tweets, check-ins, and promotions. It increases user engagement, is pretty to look at, and allows the business to drive sales through real-time promotions.”

TMFS Low power ARM-based servers

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