Accantus is building a platform that uses super precise indoor location to trigger reminders and actions, so that reminders and actions take place when you are exactly where you need to be.


Here at Cryptoconomy, we’re building the infrastructure to the new global economy. Our team of experienced blockchain developers, cryptocurrency analysts, mining hardware specialists, and software developers will be releasing a full suite of credible, transparent tools and apps for all your cryptocurrency needs. Our consumer-facing products will make cryptocurrencies a hallmark of every home while emphasizing security, utility, and accessibility.

Drones of prey

Drones of Prey Initial product development is focused on an autonomous counter-drone security platform built to detect, capture, and down invading drones. Using radio-frequency identification, visual and audio recognition, and a physical capture system built onto a “Guardian Drone”, invading drones can be captured and controlled with the highest degree of securit . Instead of using net-based solutions, which provide less control upon capture, and have a limited magazine, our use of trap claws and capture wire allow for an overall more reliable capture system.

Elite Sweets

Elite Sweets provides baked, gluten-free, protein donuts. Our donuts are made using natural ingredients and make the perfect post-workout sweet. We work directly with many professional and collegiate athletes that we plan to utilize to promote health and fitness through sponsored camps with our athletes.


Fuze8 is a startup that provides RESPA compliant joint marketing activities to real estate agents and lenders. We pair the two parties (or they come with a pre-existing relationship), and they pre-record a joint webinar which serves as a lead funnel that both parties have access to.


Krew provides hyper-affordable, long-distance car rides to consumers. In a very similar fashion that Uber is working to replace taxis, Krew is working to replace buses and trains. It’s a 3 step process: 1) Book a ride 2) Get picked up at your door 3) Get dropped off at your destination.


We’re a spellchecker for legal documents that will automate out thousands of hours worth of work on legal documents. The billable hour of an average attorney is around $230 per hour. Cutting down those hours can decrease costs for the consumer needing legal assistance.


Mindwear makes an incredibly small earpiece that allows you to discreetly communicate with our cloud-based personal assistant, saving you time and giving you the experience of a perfect memory and math ability.

Seekr Travel

Seekr is a platform that connects travelers with locals through unique experiences that only a local can provide.


Soraka helps hospitals reduce the amount of money lost to insurance claim denials. Our automated clinical reporting software provides hospitals with early identification of denial risk. This allows providers to quickly react to a patient’s treatment plan, therefore optimizing hospital profits and decreasing both operational and health care costs.


Spoke delivers a premium bike repair experience by providing seamless communication between bike shops and their customers.

Ultimate Drill Book

Ultimate Drill Book is a revolutionary tool that helps students and staff learn and clean drill. The creative world of pageantry has always labored when going from idea to implementation. The choreography involved, the communication required, the study tools needed — nothing has allowed for the creator to see their vision come to life as quickly as they could dream. The world already has a stage for these performers (e.g. Super Bowl halftimes, National Championship performances, The Olympic opening and closing ceremonies) and yet the methods used to relay this information to performers is archaic, costly, and unintuitive. Ultimate Drill Book, through the creation of UDBapp, has not only fixed this dilemma but has allowed the performer to interact with the creator’s vision like never before.

Wilder Systems, LLC

We save aircraft manufacturers money by integrating robots that reduce defects and improve factory throughput.