What we’ve learned

It’s getting close to the end of the first semester of 1 Semester Startup and it’s time to be thinking about what we’ve learned and how we will do things differently in the Spring.

If there is one big lesson we’ve learned, it is that we want to attract undergraduate students that are already working on startups. This class isn’t for students who are curious about startups or want to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. This is for students who are going to build a successful startup with or without this class. We’re going to help them do it bigger, faster and smarter and by bringing them resources, mentors and inspiration.

You can submit your team application here.

The second thing we learned is that we want to accept teams and not individuals to the class. We will select from the teams, and any eligible students on that team will be allowed (but not required) to take the class. We will not be doing any speed dating events after class starts – we want you to join teams before the first day of classes. If we accept a team, and then that team accepts you (before the add/drop date), then you will be allowed to join the class.

The last thing we learned is that it’s hard to give 20 startups as much attention as we would like. Next semester we expect to fewer startups. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept every team that applies.

What does this mean if you’re not working on a startup right now but you want to take the class? It means that you either need to join an existing team or start your own company ASAP!

Come talk to us! Bob Metcalfe and Joshua Baer both hold regular office hours and want to meet you. If you’re not sure, we can help you think about it. If you need to build a team, we may be able to help you. ¬†You can sign up for Josh’s office hours here or schedule with Bob by contacting his assistant Amadeo.