Who do we want to apply?

We’re flexible. This is the first year and we’re not sure who is going to apply. Here is an idea what we’re looking for.

The IDEAL applicant is a balanced team of senior Longhorns and an advising professor, all intent on starting their own company based on a major technological breakthrough that promises to change the world.

  • You really want to start a company, this isn’t just a learning experience
  • Your team has all of the core skills required for this business
  • You already have built a minimum viable product
  • You are thinking about angel funding or venture capital
  • You are going to work harder than most other students
  • You value mentorship and are open-minded

We’ll probably need to make exceptions. It’s unlikely that every team will be IDEAL.

  • Your team might be composed of non-senior undergraduate students, some grad students, or even some people who aren’t affiliated with the university at all.
  • You might not have any faculty involvement
  • Your team might not be complete. You might recruit other applicants to the class to join your team for the semester.
  • You might not have a team, but are interested in entrepreneurship and are willing to join another team for the semester.
  • You might be a profession with technology that you would like to see students build a business around.
  • You might not have a technology idea – maybe it’s in some other market or discipline.