Spring 2020 PORTFOLIO





Apply.fyi is a data-driven internship and early career search platform that helps our users find the perfect position while providing universities insight on their students’ job hunt and businesses access to top talent. We provide all of our clients with insightful data so they can make informed decisions, whether that be applying to the right internship, improving career services, or reaching out to the right candidate for the job.



bruxAway is developing a smart wearable night guard that is poised to disrupt the over $9B market of bruxism (unconscious teeth grinding) disorder. 1 in 3 people suffer from bruxism disorder, but sadly less than 10% are diagnosed or ever receive treatment. bruxAway’s smart wearable night guard is a custom solution medical-grade night guard designed to protect your teeth and treat bruxism.




There are 23 million college students in the US. Of those, 16 million will have significant student loan debt leaving college. Colanse is a schedule based hiring platform that allows students to connect with potential employers. Our mission is to give motivated college students the opportunity to capitalize on the skills they learn during their college experience, while also being able to work around their academic commitments through our schedule matching feature.



Dive is an iOS and Android app which exists to help manage social groups and foster meaningful real world events. Dive is a channel based messenger similar to Slack or Discord with a focus on events— allowing users to create, share, and discover events natively and seamlessly within the app. Imagine Slack and Meetup combined.