Spring 2019 PORTFOLIO



Swayy helps young women find clothes they love for specific events so they can save time and feel confident. Buying clothes online has never been easier, but finding the right clothes has never been more overwhelming. Swayy carefully curates clothing from across the web and sorts the items by the theme or occasion instead of the type of apparel. Swayy creates a community for young women by offering these clothing collections, comprehensive campus social calendars, blog posts, and a social media network.

College Hustle Logo

College Hustle

College Hustle connects students with part-time jobs around UT campus through a mobile app. We believe job seeking is going mobile and we’re looking to capitalize on this opportunity.
You can learn more on our website.

Delve Labs Logo


Delve Labs is creating at home strep, flu, STD, UTI, and cancer tests that will all likely cost under $45. Anyone can go to their local store and purchase one of our tests, get a diagnosis at home, talk to a doctor using telemedicine, and get antibiotics delivered to their doorstep.

Gorts Grilled Cheese Logo


Gort’s cheese is a technology-based grilled cheese delivery service that delivers hyper-affordable food to students across UT. We are working on apps and websites that help students get food when they need it with ease. We have been in business for the last three months and have delivered to hundreds of students across campus. We already have an Android app and website and are working on an iOS app to make ordering food a breeze.

Wheelist Logo


Wheelist makes it easy for people to sell their cars on an individual and dealership basis through package-based solutions. We help market our client’s cars online and offer a concierge-style service based around our client’s schedule for maximum convenience and offer a suite of additional options such as mobile detailing, title transfer assistance, mobile repair credit, professional photography, vehicle transportation services, just to name a few. Our goal is to make cars less of a depreciating asset and to make the process of getting rid of them efficient, fiscally beneficial, and headache free.

Swipe Me In Logo


Every year, the University of Texas at Austin deletes over a million dollars of on-campus currencies from students accounts. SwipeMeIn is a marketplace app that allows on-campus students to sell dining hall meals to off-campus students who have to pay a 5 dollar premium for these meals. This problem is persistent over many large campuses in the United States. SwipeMeIn takes a cut of the transaction, allows students to make money and get cheap meals, and donates money back to the university food pantry/emergency services.

Extended Visions Logo


We help vision impaired to do shopping independently using AI. For this purpose we develop a small external camera and a machine learning model for Product Detection. Camera will plug into users’ smartphone via a cable (think of a standard earphones with one earpiece replaced by a camera). There the footage is going to be analysed at near real-time speed to provide useful audio-feedback to the user.

Prolitfic Logo


Prolitfic is an online peer-review platform crowdsourcing evaluations of novels to combine the accessibility of self-publishing with the quality of traditional publishing. We aim to provide aspiring authors with useful feedback and analytics to improve their writing and readers with fresh, well-written works they’d enjoy. Think SoundCloud for the publishing industry and with better quality control.

Sun Co Tracking Logo


Sun Co. Tracking is developing passive solar trackers that drastically reduce cost while maintaining increased panel efficiency through shape memory alloys that don’t utilize any electrical components. We joined the LSL to get exposure to experience, as our 100% engineering board is looking for ways to accelerate growth without tripping over ourselves.

LV Fruitfly Logo


The LV FruitFly is an aerial orchard harvesting and automation system that allows orchards and produce suppliers to quickly and efficiently pick their crops, increase overall yields, optimize resource management, and avoid losses due to labor shortages. The system applies three key technologies (aerial suspension, AI, and soft robotics) to enable enhanced mobility, fully autonomous operations, and damage free fruit.