Beek is a social network for Spanish-speaking booklovers. With features such as having a profile, followers, shelf and a pinboard, Beek provides its users a new way to discover, recommend and talk about books. www.beek.io

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We are in the developmental stages of a digital customer loyalty program, with an initial focus of the fast casual food industry. We believe that the most necessary component of a successful customer loyalty program is ease of use, thus we plan to implement a “check-in” method that simply requires the input of a phone number while making a purchase. Our revenue model is a monthly subscription fee by the businesses in which our service operates.

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Cerebri aims to redefine how call centers operate by changing the way they interact with users, and how they collect data from these interactions. Cerebri recently won $100k in funding from the IBM Watson University competition, and is working on a pilot app with the United Way Texas 2-1-1 call center.



Tastebud is an app that aggregates local restaurant deals and displays restaurants in your vicinity and the specials they currently have. This app saves consumers time and money by quickly displaying the best priced restaurant deals and allowing them to make their purchase directly from the app.

Gray Matter

Grey Matter

Gray Matter Technologies is developing the G-FORCE, a patent-pending, impact-sensing sports mouthguard that helps trainers, coaches, and parents highlight athletes at risk of concussion. Acceleration data can be collected and used to identify athletes who sustain impacts outside the normal range of their peers, or at levels at which they have reported previous injury. These players can then be earmarked for immediate attention from a medical professional.



Major events like the Super Bowl have no trouble finding advertising sponsors. However, finding a sponsor for a small or midsize event is much more difficult. Smaller events must either hire an expensive sponsorship company, or spend hours cold calling prospective sponsors. Hapback solves this problem.

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Lyte Labs

Imagine stabbing yourself in the hand with a sharp needle until you bleed. This is what millions of diabetics endure every time they check their blood glucose level. Lyte Labs eliminates this archaic process with their innovative smart ring. This wearable technology can monitor blood glucose levels non-invasively and makes the lives of diabetics much easier.



Traditional restaurant operations systems are clunky and expensive. Entrée’s challenge is to provide a reliable, cost-effective system with robust functionality. At its core, our system combines point-of-sale technology and smarter analytics through carefully crafted interfaces. We are building Entrée to replace the many products restaurants are forced to use so owners can get back to running their restaurant.



MyCoachLive aims to help people acquire efficient and cost-effective solutions for managing life’s challenges. The website will enable users to find solutions to their problems by way of discussions with their peers and through direct contact with life coaches and self-help researching tools. User profiles also provide for a socially interactive experience by allowing users to befriend others who share similar qualities and interests.



Prepify plans to change standardized test prep and education by building an improved technological solution to a largely brick-and-mortar industry. Prepify is a web and mobile application dedicated to aiding students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds/communities prepare for the SAT. The end-user (HS students) will have access to free, high-quality SAT content, tips, tricks, and metrics to help them understand their skills and ability and offer ways for them to improve in meaningful ways.



Retell makes property management easy and efficient. Property Managers constantly have a vast amount of information to intake and process. From tenants reporting issues, assigning tasks to contractors and dealing with multiple properties simultaneously. Retell’s vision is to make property management less hectic. Our first product will streamline the issue reporting workflow. With our mobile application tenants, property managers, maintenance, etc can communicate via text and photo to report issues. Our website will automatically delegates issues to the appropriate maintenance personnel. Therefore streamlining the workflow and creating a paper trail to increase efficiency and accountability.



The principle goal of SENSUS is to promote science-based education in the underfunded institutions and areas of the globe. We believe that education needs to be focused on practical experience and by supplying schools with affordable data loggers we will make it happen. The recent computer revolution decreased electronic prices substantially but this change hasn’t affected scientific sensors. We want to take this advantage and by creating a modular product optimize the production costs. Our unique selling proposition is affordable product with interface finally oriented on the target users — students. The long time revenue stream comes from schools software subscription and access to full system for teaching experiments. The time is right to fill this market gap, especially considering recent education focus on STEM.


Who’s Hungry

No one likes to eat alone, and very few people actually schedule to have lunch and dinner with their friends in advance. This is because it it is very time consuming to reach out to your friends one by one to see who is available to grab lunch or dinner on a particular day. Who’s Hungry solves this problem through an app that let’s you organize a group of friends to get something to eat.