Thank you and congratulations to all of the student entrepreneurs!

Thank you to Bob Metcalfe and John Butler for teaching the class.

Thank you to Bruce Porter for creating this class and nurturing it.

Thank you to our guest speakers Jason Cohen, Michael Dell, Ash Maurya, Kip McClanahan, Frank Moss, John Price, Mikey Trafton and others.

Thank you to our Demo Day sponsors the Murchison Chair of Free Enterprise, Capital Factory, the Kauffman Foundation, Austin Ventures, G-51 Capital and S3 Ventures.

Thank you to the jumbotron gods.

Thank you for the pizza delivered by Bazaarvoice, Capital Factory, Homeaway,, OtherInbox, Silverton, and Spiceworks.

Thank you to the mentors who volunteered their valuable time this semester to help our students.

Thank you to our Teaching Assistants Joel Hestness and Jonathan Spillman.

Thank you to our Mentor Wrangler Kyle Cox from ATI.

Thank you to Jason Nolasco, our community manager extraordinaire. He volunteered his time this semester as an alumni and I really can’t imagine how we could have done it without him.

Thank you to Mariel Bolhouse and the Technology Entrepreneurship Society for co-hosting our public speakers.

Thank you to the staff in the Computer Science, Engineering and Management departments who put up with our unusual requests and were always flexible and accommodating.

Thank you to the students entrepreneurs who put their hearts into their companies. We expect great things from you.

What starts here, changes the world!