How to apply for 1 Semester Startup Spring 2012

If you’re interested in taking this class in the Spring, here is how it works:

  1. The course is listed as INTERDISCIPLNRY ENTREPRENRSHP
  2. The course has 3 different course numbers, you can take whichever works best for you
    CS 378   MAN 337   ES 377
  3. You should register for the course now, even though you won’t know for sure if you are accepted
  4. You should also fill out the application form.
  5. You should have another course lined up as a backup in case you aren’t accepted to this one
  6. It is possible to take this course more than once
  7. We will review the applications and accept teams on a rolling basis

Teams will be accepted to the class, not individuals. In order to take this class, you must be on a team that has been accepted. It is up to the team whether or not to accept you. We will host events to try and help match up teams.