Starting your own company is a great way to change the world

You’ve heard how Steve Jobs changed the world with his insanely great products from Apple Computer.  More examples: James Truchard changed the world with National Instruments, Bill Gates with Microsoft, John Mackey with Whole Foods Market, Michael Dell with Dell, and Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook.

All these founders and their teams are still changing the world, with impacts measured into the millions of jobs and billions of dollars.  Three of these entrepreneurs are still running their companies in Austin.  One started his $10B company in a dorm room at UTAustin; another started his $10B company after dropping out of UT; and the third got a PhD here before starting his $1B company.

If you think you might like to follow in their footsteps, please look into, a new practicum course being designed to accelerate your startup for degree credit. The course will have professors, speakers, mentors, teaching assistants, and entrepreneurial teams, all focused on your learning how to use the machinery of free enterprise.

The three 1SS instructors – Johnny Butler, Joshua Baer, and Bob Metcalfe – are flexible, just ask, but are aiming to support well-rounded teams of undergraduates already starting companies.  Seniors would be good, because then you wouldn’t have to drop out of UT to grow your company if it takes off next year.

It’s hard to know what you will find most valuable in the practicum — probably the startup savvy mentors we’re recruiting, or maybe other students.  Anyway, if you think you might be interested in starting a company, let us know through

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